Tasting Room Manager

Rio Grande Winery - Tasting Room Manager - Job Description

Chain of Command

  • Reports directly to the owners, with all HR and spending in conjunction with the financial officer/owners

Staff Management

  • Hire new staff jointly with the owners
  • Schedule tasting room staff
  • Make sure that the tasting room staff is knowledgeable about and follows training materials and are all compliant with New Mexico Alcohol Server Training regulations
  • Delegate tasks as need to tasting room staff
  • Be available to solve daily problems that arise in the tasting room
  • Work with tasting room staff to resolve customer complaints

Tasting Room Operations

  • Manage and maintain inventory of wine, beer, cheese/food, merchandise and supplies
  • Order wine, beer and merchandise as needed, maintaining adequate inventory
  • Utilize POS system to transact sales, maintain tasting room inventory, reconcile daily sales and confirm the correctness of the daily closing operations
  • Make sure the RGW Tasting Room opening and closing procedure is followed
  • Liaise with marketing to maintain accuracy and update tasting notes and menus
  • Make sure e-mail addresses from the guestbook are entered
  • Order tasting room supplies; restroom supplies, prepared food etc…
  • Track and project quarterly expenses projections in conjunction with the financial officer/owners
  • Assisting with events
  • Creativity: the wine business is a business founded on a classical way of doing things; we’re not classicists. Do not be afraid of bringing new ideas to the table or doing things differently to other tasting rooms in the area.
  • Serve as primary customer contact; responds to appointment and order requests, customer complaints and suggestions
  • Primary point of contact for customer experience/relations at the winery
  • Schedule Musicians and add to calendar
  • Promote and manage wine club

Promotional Activities

  • Conduct outreach to other tasting room staff in the Rio Grande Valley to maintain relationships and reciprocal referrals
  • Represent Rio Grande Winery in promotional activities as needed
  • Promote and sell the wine club to customers
  • Engage with existing club members to ensure member retention
  • Collaborate with other tasting rooms and local groups on new and innovative events that support brand awareness and vision
  • Develop and execute short and long-term financial and strategic plans for all Direct to Consumer sales
  • Out of the box ideas to help drive local traffic during the slower winter months

Financial Responsibilities

  • Verify cash receipts and their accuracy
  • Compile cash receipts ready for bank deposit
  • Purchasing other than wine, beer, cheese/food and merchandise to go through financial officer/owners for approval


  • Work alongside the tasting room staff to sell wine, merchandise and events
  • Monitor sales goals for tasting room revenue and new club member acquisition


  • Train, and provide feedback on high level – best in class customer service
  • Delegate tasks as needed to tasting room staff
  • Respect and Empathy: successful teams are diverse and challenging. You must both command respect and provide it. Challenge your team. Know strengths and weaknesses; increase the former and decrease the latter. As we grow, you have the opportunity to further build a team of champions!


  • All events to go through Event Coordinator
  • Assist with showing the venue for future events at the direction of ownership

Additional Duties

  • Liaise with manager at restaurant and wine bar to maintain adequate inventory and timely delivery of wine
  • Local delivery coordination
  • Packing wine shipments
  • Harvest Host scheduling to ensure adequate parking for winery events
  • Keep all calendars up to date
  • Other duties as assigned by the owners


  • regular standing and walking
  • frequently lifts and/or moves up to 50 pounds
  • Valid driver’s license


  • Liaise with owners about current Covid-19 restrictions and compliance 
  • Ensure Covid-19 best practices are being followed, as per best guidance at the time from NM Health and other regulatory bodies

Email resume: info@riograndewinery.com